Joomla or WordPress?

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Jun 022013

About a year ago I decided to update my website to make use of one of the free content management systems that are now available. Both Joomla and WordPress were duely installed and testsed. I read about the differences between Joomla! and WordPress and decided that Joomla was what I needed.

Having spent many evenings and lunch times playing with Joomla3!, and sucessfully using it to build a website for a local charity, Help a Maidstone Child, I have abandoned it for personal use and opted for WordPress. In the end it was the lack of a suitable comment system that put me off Joomla. There are free comment systems out there, I tried K2 and Komento, but I neither one functioned as I wanted it to.

So, here we are in WordPress. Given the current lack of new content on this website I am sure it will be more than adequate.

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A new blog

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Dec 172011

I have installed wordpress to allow more frequent updates to the G0AFH site. Updates currently happen about once every 3 years so don’t expect much any time soon.