Experiments in HDR

About 10 years ago I attempted to create a few High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. It was a time consuming process that involved manually aligning three or more images on different layers, then merging them into one. At that time I had access to an old copy of Photoshop at work. The technique sort of worked but took hours to complete and I was never really happy with the results.

Software and processing power has moved on in leaps and bounds since them. Today I use Paintshop Pro as my editing tool. It’s comparitively cheap and easy to use. Whilst browsing the help for something else I noticed that it had an HDR merge facility built in so decided to give it a try.

The source images were all taken hand held so alignment wasn’t perfect. Even so the tools in PSP have done remarkably well. I have to say that I find most of the presets to be not quite right, but they work as a starting point.

%%wppa%% %%mphoto=24%% %%size=auto%% %%align=left%%

%%wppa%% %%mphoto=23%% %%size=auto%% %%align=left%%

Vibrant Colours

This is the first post in my 2013 photography project. It’s as much a learning exercise in using WordPress as it is about presenting the images. These images were taken at Spittalfields Market in April. I set out with the intention of capturing a series of images displaying vibrant colour. The market is well worth a visit, on the day we visited the Huguenots Festival was taking place so there were various cloth making demonstrations taking place.

%%wppa%% %%slide=2%% %%size=600%% %%align=center%%